Hope Communities

When Hope Communities meet in homes throughout our city, we truly live out our name, “Hope in the City.”

Grow in Christ through Adult Hope Communities

Hope Communities are where “church” happens as people fellowship, worship, live in accountability, have common vision, encounter the Bible, set goals, practice beliefs and pray together. We grow in Christ together by practicing spiritual gifts, allowing ourselves to be known, and encouraging one another.

Adult Hope Community General Information

Use the map and table below to locate a community you’d like to join, and then click “contact leaders” to get in touch with them to get more detailed information.

Leader Day/Time LocationTagsContact
Reba Bassett, Brent Bassett
Wednesday - EveningNorth Central
Adult / Family GroupKid Friendly
Nathan Biles, Jennie Biles
Friday - EveningWest Oak Hill
Adult / Family GroupKid FriendlyMulti-generationalShares a Meal each MeetingYoung Professionals
Darren Bond, Robin Bond
Thursday - EveningCircle C
Adult / Family GroupSorry, No Childcare available
Jessica Bottomly, Dea Bresemann, Dave Bresemann
Friday - EveningEstates of Shady Hollow / Bauerle Ranch Park
Multi-generationalShares a Meal each Meeting
Diane Fleming, Barry Brooks, Declan Fleming, Susan Brooks
Friday - EveningRegents School area
Adult / Family GroupShares a Meal each Meeting
Kathryn Cummins, David Cummins
Saturday - EveningNorthwest Austin
Adult / Family GroupKid FriendlyShares a Meal each Meeting
Kathy Hille
TBD - EveningHope In The City
Carolyn Grant, Greg Grant, Lindsey Falls, Brian Falls
Thursday - EveningWestlake Hills
Adult / Family GroupSorry, No Childcare availableMulti-generationalShares a Meal each Meeting
Becca Kosho, Matt Kehn, Chris Kosho
Wednesday - EveningWindsor Park area
Kid FriendlyMulti-generationalShares a Meal each Meeting
Suzanne Van Hoorn, John Van Hoorn
Friday - EveningSouthwest Austin
Adult / Family GroupKid Friendly
Fraser Mince
Thursday - EveningEvolve @ Arboretum
Sorry, No Childcare availableYoung Professionals
Jasmine Venzant, Cami Carter
Thursday - EveningShady Hollow area
Sorry, No Childcare availableShares a Meal each MeetingYoung Professionals
Families with Kids under 12Families with Kids under 12Families with Middle/HighschoolersFamilies with Middle/Highschoolers
Rotates Meeting LocationsRotates Meeting LocationsShares Meals TogetherShares Meals Together
MultigenerationalMultigenerationalYoung ProfessionalsYoung Professionals
Adult & FamilyAdult & FamilyCollegeCollege
Sorry, No Childcare AvailableSorry, No Childcare

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Logistics of a Community

Hope Communities…

  • Model Acts 2:42-47
  • Meet every week. The 1st and 3rd week of the month we meet for Bible-based discussions and life-application.
  • The 2nd and 4th week of the month we meet in same-gender groups to contend for the core issues in our lives.
  • Meet September – December; January – May; and June – July.