The most important relationship one will ever have.


Because he first loved us.

Because the Gospel of Christ demands a person’s whole heart.  So very much that no measure of religion, or good behavior, or church attendance could ever possibly do what the mere presence of Jesus has done in our lives.

He is not only the all powerful God of creation, but the most intimately loving and caring person that we could ever imagine.  He is not an idea or an entity, but a Living and Active God, one that loves His creation with all of the power that brought us into existence.

His death on the cross was an awesome act of love; it is one reason we welcome Him into our lives with great joy.  However, His resurrection three days afterward demonstrated His power over sin and even death and is the reason that we are so confident In His ability to change not only our actions or our thoughts, but our very hearts — no matter how broken or messed up they have become.

And His promise is not a promise that speaks only of eternity or an after life that we can’t experience here; it speaks of today, “Now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation” (II Corinthians 6:2).

Even more compelling, though, is the fact that loving Jesus and committing yourself to the gospel of Christ is the greatest adventure you could ever live.

Seek Jesus.  Find Life.